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Tragedy strikes without warning, leaving families shattered and communities devastated. At Victim Support, we’re always on hand to make sure no one suffers the pain of crime, trauma, or loss alone. 

Our nationwide team of Support Workers deliver an invaluable service – providing a confidant that victims can open up to, someone who will find answers, and someone who will advocate for their rights within the justice system. 

In the last year alone, over 40,000 people around New Zealand relied on us during their darkest days to find safety, healing, and justice. 

Whether you need:

  • help to answer your questions, understand your rights, and make informed choices,
  • someone to assist and support you at court trials, hearings, and dealing with police and other government agencies,
  • help to access local support services and counselling to suit your situation,
  • safety planning and support for people affected by family violence and harm,
  • help to prepare Victim Impact Statements and attend family group or restorative justice conferences,
  • financial assistance for victims of serious crime,

 – we are here for you and your loved ones when you need us.

Neil’s wife died suddenly one afternoon in a road accident.
Victim Support came with the police to tell him.

“I was so shocked. My brain didn’t work. I felt like a hole had been blown right through me. I couldn’t work out what was going on. Victim Support was right there from the get-go. It was so comforting. They just totally focussed on me and my family’s wellbeing.

They are such a lifeline, just having someone who cares so much, makes all the difference.”

Neil, New Zealand.

Help us to be there for more people affected by crime, trauma and suicide in New Zealand.

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