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Look Good Feel Better provides free community-based programmes for any person, with any cancer, at any stage of their treatment.

It’s your time away from the world of diagnosis and treatment, to receive support to face cancer with confidence, live better and connect with people who understand what you're going through.

With Look Good Feel Good classes, you will have the opportunity to pick up tips tools and techniques to help you feel more like your normal self. You do not have to have lost your hair, we include everything from skin changes to managing hair loss and regrowth. Classes are run in-person at 41 local centres nationwide.

We are non-government funded, and all product is donated. Each participant receives a pack of skincare and make-up tools, and we thank every donor who keeps our classes free and contributes to the wellbeing of New Zealanders in need.

Whatever stage of the cancer journey, the emotional impact of cancer affects everyone. It is our mission that all cancer patients have the opportunity to attend one of our classes.

“I think I lost a little bit of myself going through the cancer journey, and coming out of your class I felt, ‘Yeah, I am on my way back’... I laughed a lot, which I haven’t done for a while. I felt very much at ease.

I came out with a bit of a spring in my step. It felt safe. It was fun, fun at a time when you’re feeling quite low or losing yourself a little bit in this battle.”

Look Good Feel Better participant, Auckland.

Help us to provide more free programmes for any person, with any cancer, at any stage of their treatment. 

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