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Life Education Trust is a charity that educates and inspires children and young people to make positive choices and live happy, healthy lives.

Young people grow up in a complex and changing society. With the challenges they face today, supporting children's health and wellbeing has never been more in need.

Through our Healthy Harold Programme, we teach children about:

  • the brilliance of the human body,
  • relationships and communities,
  • resilience and identity,
  • food and nutrition, and
  • helpful and harmful substances.

Our programme is delivered inside our mobile classrooms and offers interactive, memorable learning experiences. Run by specialist Educators who are all registered teachers, they work with schools to meet their children's individual learning needs. Children are excited to enter our mobile classrooms, where they can learn in a unique environment and meet our iconic mascot – Harold the giraffe!

Life Education has been supporting the health and wellbeing of children for over 33 years. Today, we are New Zealand’s largest external health education provider in schools.

“Life Education is a fun, innovative and informative way to teach important aspects within our health curriculum. It allows students to interact and learn in a safe and exciting environment, where their ideas and opinions can be developed.

It is a wonderful and highly useful tool for teachers to support and guide our students learning across all ages and levels of learning.

Thanks Life Education for coming to our school!”

Teacher, Ashburton Borough School.

Help us to reach more schools with our Healthy Harold Programme, inspiring young people to make positive choices.

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