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Every week, three Kiwi families are told the heartbreaking news that their child has cancer. Child Cancer Foundation is committed to supporting them every step of the way.

Each newly diagnosed family is connected with a dedicated Family Support Coordinator, who walks the path of childhood cancer with the family. They help whānau find many of their own solutions to the challenges they face, helping them maintain control of their lives.

No two families’ experiences are the same, and neither is the nature of the support they need. That’s why our Family Support Coordinators provide personalised support to each whānau in the areas that will help them most.

One thing is always the same: we support every family so they can concentrate on the most important thing of all, loving and caring for their child.

Having a child diagnosed with cancer can change a family forever, so our support is focused on helping them adapt to their new reality. Our goal is that in time we will help them find the tools they need to move forward with their lives.

“It’s impossible to describe the feelings that come with your child being diagnosed with cancer. Everything becomes such a nightmare, and you immediately think of the worst-case scenario.

Our Family Support Coordinator Franziska is honestly an angel. She has been the one constant in our lives since Mya’s diagnosis and feels almost like another member of the family.

She really understands exactly what we’re going through and is there for us at all the right times.”

Teresa (Mya’s Mum), Auckland.

Help us to support more tamariki with cancer, and their whānau.

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